Yorgos Karagiannis is a composer, mathematician and a writer. He has graduated from the Mathematics Department of Positive Sciences Faculty, Ioannina University. In the past, he has participated in the experiment NESTOR (Institute of Deep Sea Research and Technologies and Astromolecules Netrinon Physics) in Pylos, Greece. His occupation with music started from the age of eight, when he first followed guitar lessons, in Moschato Municipal Music School. He was awarded a special distinction in a National guitar contest and has a Certificate, in Higher Music Theory, Harmony and Counterpoint. He graduated from the Musical Lyceum of Ilion, in 1999. In the past he has collaborated on recordings with well-known artists and he has orchestrated and transcribed different genre of music for many musical groups. He has also orchestrated music for fairy tales, for solo classical guitar, guitar duets, piano and chamber music. Also he has composed songs with Greek and Foreign Lyrics and numerous instrumental and orchestral music pieces.


2014 his first book “Creations for Guitar” was published from Cambia publications.


2016 followed his second book “Creations for Guitar – Middle stages”.


2017 his third book “Creations for Piano” was published again from Cambia publications.



Special Awards

  • 2015, on the International Composition Competition Maurice Ravel, receives “First Place for the Nation Greece” and the title of Greatly appreciated composer in Category B (Compositions for less than 15 instruments), with the composition “Consistence”.


  • 2016, Maurice Ravel International Composition Competition (Second Edition), “Third Place” worldwide, on Category D with the composition “Farewell” and the “First Place for the Nation Greece”.


  • 2016, on the 14nth composition contest Volos Greece, receives “Second Prize” on Category: Solo Instrument, with the composition “Guitar Tango”. “Second Prize” on Category: Film music, with the composition “Consistence” and “Second Prize” on Category: Chamber music, with the composition “Samba (N’Oublier pas Paris)”.


  • 2016, on the International Film music competition held in Italy, reached on Top 20 world Finalists, received Special Mention at Category : Classical (Drama – Musical – Comedy) and Special Prize for the Comedy genre with the composition “Samba (N’Oublier pas Paris)”.


  • 2017, Great American Song Contest held in America, reaching Top 20 world Finalists on the Category Instrumental, with the composition “Guitar Tango”.


  • 2018, Maurice Ravel International Composition Competition (Third Edition) Finalist on category All existing instruments, “First Place for the Nation GREECE” and “Honorable mention” for the composition “Sirocco”.


  • 2018, Great American Song Contest, reaching Top 20 world Finalists on the Category Instrumental, with the composition “Thelissis”. He is a member of MENSA (The high IQ Society) and he is active in fields of social contribution and solidarity. He is a husband and a father of two children.








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