Cat Marina – Ex Friends + Bad Endings

  ARTIST NAME: Cat Marina   SONG TITLE: Ex Friends + Bad Endings   RELEASE DATE: 8th May 2020   GENRE: Alt-Pop   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter   Spotify   iTunes   After featuring on BLOWSOM’s latest EP with the single ‘Lost In The City’, producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist Cat Marina steps out into […]

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Fires of Freya – Complicated

  ARTIST NAME: Fires of Freya   SONG TITLE: Complicated   RELEASE DATE: 21/02/2020   GENRE: Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram     iTunes   Spotify   Website       Eclectic, Emotive Rock! Fires of Freya are a North East of England based electrifying rock band with exhilarating monster guitar riffs and powerhouse raw vocals. Their […]


Low Life Lolas – Grime

  ARTIST NAME: Low Life Lolas   SONG TITLE: Grime   ALBUM TITLE: Anchors   RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2020   GENRE: Indie Pop/Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Bandcamp   Spotify   Website   LOW LIFE LOLAS, fronted by songwriter Renée Parr, is a Toronto-based indie-rock quartet whose haunting, bittersweet […]


Ilona Mahieu – Criminal

  ARTIST NAME: Ilona Mahieu   SONG TITLE: Criminal   RELEASE DATE: 15/04/2020   GENRE: Indie Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   Bandcamp   Website   Tell us about your history. Ilona Mahieu began as a solo project, with me spending years performing acoustic sets at various pubs and […]


FreddeRico – What’s Ur Number?

  ARTIST NAME: FreddeRico   SONG TITLE: What’s Ur Number?   RELEASE DATE: 04/30/2020   GENRE: Pop, R&B, Funk & Hip-Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes     Spotify    Reverbnation   Bandcamp   Website   FreddeRico aka Mr. Global Citizen is a Swedish music artist from Lund and with over 23 years he has created an ongoing musical […]


Abby Sage – Holy Water

  ARTIST NAME: Abby Sage   SONG TITLE: Holy Water   RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2020   GENRE: Indie Pop   Twitter   Instagram   Spotify   iTunes   Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song. It helps for me to really sit on something, try out multiple sounds and styles […]


Bri Green – Be Alright

  Artist Name:  Bri Green   Song Title:  Be Alright   Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   iTunes   Spotify   Debuting her seventh single in the past year, Bri Green prepares to release her latest single “Be Alright” to all streaming platforms on April 8th.   This single is a little bit of a […]


Lucky Iris – Get Ready With Me

  ARTIST NAME:  Lucky Iris   SONG TITLE: Get Ready With Me   ALBUM TITLE: Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home   RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2020   GENRE: Alt-Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify     Bandcamp   Hearnow   Lucky Iris are an alt-pop duo who have put […]


Barefoot Magicians – Hangin’ On

  ARTIST NAME: Barefoot Magicians   SONG TITLE: Hangin’ On   ALBUM TITLE: Hangin’ On   RELEASE DATE: 09/04/2020   GENRE: Modern Groovy Dance Blues   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   YouTube   Barefoot Magicians formed in early 2017 after a recording session in Dublin’s prestigious Windmill Lane Studios.   The […]

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