Mojo Watson – Use Me
Mojo Watson – Use Me
Mojo Watson – Use Me

Mojo Watson – Use Me






Mojo Watson announces his new single, “Use Me,” which delves into the irony and literal interpretation of pay to play.


Kansas City, Missouri, USA is where Mojo Watson was born and raised. Mojo and his friends performed blues, jazz, and Top40 R&B at different venues in and around Kansas City.


Mojo departed from Kansas City as a young man to pursue higher education. Throughout this period, Mojo kept playing music alongside more experienced musicians. Mojo entered the aviation industry shortly after completing university. Mojo had the chance to live, work, and play music in England, France, and Australia while working in this field.


In 1999, Mojo dropped his debut studio album, followed by four more. Mojo has a vast catalog of singles released on his own Watashea Records label throughout his music career.






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