Lady Adrena – Recipe for the Blues
Lady Adrena – Recipe for the Blues
Lady Adrena – Recipe for the Blues
Lady Adrena – Recipe for the Blues







Lady Adrena’s latest record showcases her divergent techniques and is her best blend yet.


From a young age, Adrena, a skilled Blues aficionado, began her singing career. Lady Adrena developed a passion and fiery love for the art of the Blues. Her talent blossomed through her involvement in church and school choirs, as well as her role as a percussionist in bands.


Her new EP showcases all the knowledge, techniques, and style she has acquired over the years.


With the responsibilities of adulthood, Adrena’s focus shifted away from music and towards the daily struggles of life, yet she always held onto her musical calling in her heart. Little did Adrena know, life was giving her the exact tools, skills, lyrics, and stories she needed to form her future songs.


Born on May 24, 1980, in Jackson, Mississippi, Adrienne Palmer, also known as “Lady Adrena,” is a talented vocalist and songwriter.


She started her singing career at the age of five in County Line Baptist Church and it has thrived ever since.


Adrena finished her debut single, “WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE,” in April 2008. The single was shared with the media and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As she climbed the ladder in her career, she discovered her passion for the blues.


Adrena music is being broadcasted on stations across the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.


Adrena has always had an awe-inspiring love for music. Life experiences greatly contribute to her writing creativity. From 2015 to 2016, she shared the stage with household names like Anthony Hamilton, Betty Wright, The Barkays, Lakeside, and many others. Right now, she’s promoting her new single “Slay the Big Girl Way” which came out in May. Lady Adrena aims to empower women of all backgrounds, sizes, and ethnicities with this single initiative.


Lady Adrena’s success in the Vicksburg International Blues Challenge in November 2018 influenced her subsequent decision. Rediscovering her gospel roots has driven her to passionately pursue a career as a traditional blues artist. Mr. Sipp produced her first blues tune “Good Girl Gone Bad,” and later she collaborated with Dexter Allen to produce two more blues songs during the pandemic called “Corona Blues” and “Don’t Mess with my Man” in 2019 and 2020.


Adrena joined forces with Gene Munns, CEO of Sweet Success Records in 2021. Together, they created a hit song called “Recipe for the Blues,” written by Gene Munns. With her new project, Recipe for the Blues, in collaboration with Sweet Success Records LLC, she has taken a different path in the blues, emphasizing healing and delivering a message.


Adrena changed her name to Lady Adrena in 2021 to establish her presence in the blues genre and show that she was no longer waiting on the sidelines.







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