Pierre Von Guersing - Where Is There
Pierre Von Guersing - Where Is There




Pierre Von Guersing - Where Is There
Pierre Von Guersing – Where Is There



Author’s Biography
A French American, Coco Markarian excels in screenwriting, playwriting, and songwriting. Well-known festivals such as Santa Barbara, Nashville, and Paris have featured her. History and family values are the focus of her work.


Artist’s Biography
Pierre Von Guersing pursued classical singing and lyrical art studies at the conservatory of Saint-Avold in France and at the National Conservatory in Luxembourg, along with Creative Media at the SAE – London.


Following years of performing in Europe and releasing an album titled “Will We Know?”, he recorded and produced with his rock band, Antidote, at Crazy Sound Studio in France, as well as performing in numerous classical concerts with different groups, he has recently shifted his musical career to focus on singing sessions and composing music for artists, producers, and sync professionals worldwide.


“Where Is There”, the D-Day Song


Coco Markarian, a French American citizen and honorary consul of France, had the privilege of awarding the Medal of Legion of Honor to US veterans who were in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Each ceremony left a profound impactundvery single one mattered one mattered to her. Then these heroes’ old age was the warning sign that the program was unfortunately coming to an end. The song “Where Is There, the D-Day Song” was written by her during that period.


In 1944, a young American man crosses the Atlantic Ocean to free Europe, particularly France. It’s not until reality hits that he, like countless others, truly understands what it means.


This song expresses gratitude to all the heroes who have fought in wars, defending our freedom at home and abroad.








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