Spud Davenport - The Cynical
Spud Davenport - The Cynical
Spud Davenport’s gift lies in his ability to transform lyrics into powerful songs fit for background music. He skillfully delivers rock songs that blend effortlessly. Spud’s songs are appealing and pleasing to music professionals and fans.


Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity. For years, Spud Davenport has been on that mission (with songs in major movies and on hundreds of terrestrial radio stations).


Check out the multi-talented artist’s new album, Songs For The Cynical. “Home For The Headaches”, “Enjoy Every Sandwich”, and “You’d Love Me Now (If You Knew Me Then)” are among the singles included.



Spud Davenport - The Cynical
Spud Davenport – The Cynical





ARTIST NAME: Spud Davenport


SONG TITLE: Enjoy Every Sandwich


ALBUM TITLE: The Cynical 


RELEASE DATE: January 27, 2023























Enjoy Every Sandwich


I’m not sure what “happy” means
I live my life like a dumb machine
Working hard until I overload
Now I’m wondering what I hold dear
and what I will be leaving here
When it’s time for me to go 


oh, there’s no time to waste
no, there’s no time for hate
There’s no time, no time to waste


Enjoy Every Sandwich
Love every day
We may not think it’s important now
but time sneaks up on us somehow
That’s why I say…
Enjoy Every Sandwich


Dreams are often out-of-reach
You’re in the Alps, they’re at the Beach
That’s how we think
‘n’ Love is always lost or found
It’s up, it’s down, it’s all around
‘n’ that’s a good thing
oh there’s no time to waste…


Enjoy Every Sandwich
It’s loud ‘n’ clear
I gotta make the most of every day
Before I hear someone say, “Hey, your ride’s here!”
Enjoy Every Sandwich


No, there’s no time to waste…


Enjoy Every Sandwich
Love every day
I think I know what “happy” means
I won’t live my life like a dumb machine
Now it’s easy to say
There’s no time to waste, No time for hate
At the risk of sounding so Mraz
With all this optimistic jazz
Repeat after me… 


Enjoy Every Sandwich




By Kolade Olamide Ayodeji

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji is a creative writer, author, songwriter, perfect beat maker, dope music producer, accomplished lyricist, gifted poet and exceptional video director. He bagged the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Kolade pens his lyrics, makes his beat and masters his songs. Kolade is the founder of Broadtube Business.

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